Children's Ministry

At Orangeville SDA Church, we have a series of exciting and engaging events, programming and activities for children of all ages. 

Every Sabbath morning, starting at 9:30AM, we have Sabbath school classes for the below ages. 

Be sure to bring your child out so they can join together with old friends and new to learn more about God!

Below, you will find links to the Sabbath school lesson books for each of the classes that we offer. If you would like a hard copy, feel free to ask one of our teachers when you join us in person. 

- Beginners & Kindergarten (4 & under)
- Primary (5-9)
- PowerPoint (10-14)
- Cornerstone  (15 - 18)

Upcoming Events

- Etiquette and Grooming Seminar/Classes - Postponed until further notice

- Back to School Fun Day - August 20

- Children’s Day Sabbath - October 7

- World Orphan and Vulnerable Children’s Day - November 18, 2023

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